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I help women, especially solopreneurs, maintain self-care and wellness in both their personal and business lives, as they juggle their many roles

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It's time to make some changes!

I know that, as a solopreneur, you are fabulous and courageous. It can be exciting, but occasionally there are downsides. You may be feeling isolated and missing the stimulation of working with others. Accountability only to yourself - yikes!! Oh, and that constant inner voice searching for perfection - probably followed by procrastination!

Your dedication to your business often means long hours and a lot less time with family and friends. Time for all those things you love seems to have diminished. Tiredness and irritability may be creeping in and you may even be experiencing some health issues as a result. It's even possible you are starting to doubt yourself and your decision to go solo with a new business.

Many stressors like these can become more challenging, build up and, if left unchecked, lead to burn-out.. So now is definitely the time to act and bring your life back to a state of wellness.

And - if you're not a solopreneur and are experiencing similar stressors, then jump on board - we would be honoured to help you as well.


Hi, I'm Trish


I'm here to help you honour the special person you are by discovering your true self and making sure that you care for and nurture all that you are and all that you can be. What makes me so passionate to help you ? Well, I've experienced many of the things above and, in hindsight, I could have avoided much of the pain had I made better choices. But my journey has in many ways been the catalyst for helping others avoid the pitfalls. Overcoming the obstacles has allowed me to transition and grow and on that journey it has been my great honour to help others do the same.


I Am Worth It! A Self-Care Workbook

I would like you to have this free gift so that you can start your journey toward self-care and wellness. Enjoy the info, exercises, journaling and reflection. Then let me know how you went!

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